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sábado, 28 de julio de 2012

Stop-motion studio, facilities for rent in Spain

Hi Is Pascual Pérez here:

I have this lovely little studio where I shot my film Història d'Este, Story of Him. and I'll like to offer the space to rent for all ex aardman crew and friends.

whit the aim that You will be able to develop a personal independent project whit a very low budget.
the studio have a set of lights, (1 1000w fresnel and 10 Altman Micro Ellipses )
 6 Manfrotto avenger stands, a mini lights table and 2 separate dimmers.
1 Manfrotto tripod, a 3way head for still camera, 2 manual tracks for camera moves, and a few magic arms.
Optionally Is a Nikon D60 and 3 nikon lenses.
Also there it is 6 wood bases for sets, an small area for model making and props and various quantity of useful tools (drills, screw drivers, hot glue guns, soldering area, Dremel, etc)
 I'm going also to set up a green screen soon (I have a short film and I'll need that) 
The studio is in Spain, in the city of Vigo, by the west coast of spain, the city is quite industrial, whit a big port. Is famous because is the point where all the best seafood is delivery to the rest of Spain and Europe. the city Is also famous because The Guardian listed one of his beach as "the best beach in the world" (I'm not joking  
Ok, so all that space and equipment will cost you around 500 pounds for a moth, 140 by week (it will depends if you want to pay separate for electricity and water, will be cheaper that way)
To hire a 3 bed flat icellingn Vigo shall cost you around 350 pounds by moth. Can be cheaper, if you're going a bit out of the centre.
By the way I have not mentioned that the studio is a basement, 45 square meters, 6x5 effective  floor, whit the celling at 3 meters, and is right in the old part of town (very nice area, lovely bars whit terrace and cheap food around) in Rua sombrereiros  
I did shoot all the interior sequences of film there so you can have a bit of problem just if you're looking for very long deep field (more that 5 meters)

well is not much more i can say
any questions just email me at:


Pascual Pérez

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